My experiences with feeding Ziwipeak, what can I say? Well first let’s go back to the beginning before I started.

Kaya at 9 weeks

Kaya was my “first” dog. It was the first time I had the responsibility of actually owning a dog under my name. We had dogs in the past, but they were family dogs. As Kaya was my responsibility, I wanted what was best for her. At the time, I couldn’t afford food such as Ziwipeak, but instead Kaya was fed on Nutrience. She was fed this for about a year. I did try different brands such as orijen but I found Kaya wasn’t doing too great on it (her poops were large and her coat wasn’t great).

Kata at 20 weeks old

I began to research and see what other brands of food were available. After lots of research it came down to Ziwipeak and K9natural. I ended up buying a small bag of both, just so I could use them as toppers. Kaya loved both (she loves all food) but out of the two I found ziwipeak more convenient. Why? Well, because I didn’t have the freezer space to store K9natural and I found that it would often get freezer burn (I’m sure that wouldn’t be too nice for the Kaya). I also found that some of the food would fall out of the bag and into the freezer, which was just annoying. However I did notice that Kaya would devour the ziwipeak first (Kaya always eats her favourites first).  After all the pros and cons, I decided to use Ziwipeak as our topper.

Kaya at about 1 and a half years old

Fast forward a few months, I began to feed Kaya raw as her main meal. She did amazing on it, her poop and cost were amazing. She was also NO longer eating her poop! Like I was amazed. As soon as we switched she instantly stopped. She was having ziwipeak as a topper, when I did forget to thaw/ran out of raw meat. The downside to creating your own raw meals is that it takes lots of research, time and money. It is a lot of work to make sure your meals are balanced and that you weren’t missing any of those important proteins. There were many days where I just couldn’t be bothered prepping her meals, as it was a lot of work. Those days Kaya was on ziwipeak. The great thing about using ziwipeak when she didn’t have her raw meals was that her poop didn’t change. She didn’t have an upset stomach (which is great because shepherds tend to have sensitive stomachs). I figured it is because Ziwipeak is an amazing alternative to raw. And the difference between the two is very minor (one being gently air dried while the other is raw).

Not too long after, we added Mika to the family! As I found that Kaya was doing amazing on Ziwipeak and Raw I transitioned Mika onto it. But sadly, Mika wasn’t doing well on raw. She was only eating certain parts of her meals which created her to have unbalanced meals. And unbalanced meals aren’t good. So I decided to have Mika fully on Ziwipeak. And it was the best decision ever! Mika is doing amazing on it, and she is still being fed it to this day. Her coat is stunning, her poop is cat sized and everytime someone sees her, they always comment how beautiful her coat is and what an amazing condition she is in. Even the vet says she is an amazing condition, and that they love how bright and vibrant her coat is.

Kaya was recently fully transitioned onto Ziwipeak. And she is doing amazing! Her coat and poop is still the same as when she was on raw. The reason why I transitioned her over was I was tired, and didn’t have time to prep her meals. It was hard. What made it harder was that, some of the places where I sourced meat from, no longer stocked the meat I was buying. I couldn’t find a supplier who would source the same meat/proteins at an affordable price. Due to all the difficulties I decided to make the transition. And I haven’t been happier! I no longer have to stress about creating balanced meals and making sure that I have all the right proteins and rotating all her meats around. It’s so much more convenient and stress free being able to just give her Ziwipeak, and in my eyes, it still has the same benefits of raw.

The cats have been fully transitioned onto Ziwipeak for almost a year now. Zebra has been on various foods. Ranging from supermarket brands to vet brands. She has always had trouble with her coat. It used to get quite matted, and we always used to have to bath and wash her. Sometimes she would have to be shaved as she hated being brushed. While being on Ziwipeak, I have noticed her coat and energy levels have changed drastically. I wish I had a before and after photo, because the change was huge. Her coat has gotten so soft and it no longer mats. She has the energy levels of a kitten, she always gets the zombies and just looks more lively. If you know Zebra, she is an 11 year old cat. So seeing such a change at her age, is seriously amazing. I’ve never seen her in a such amazing condition. I believe it’s because cats are obligated carnivores, meaning that having foods that aren’t meat, isn’t good for them. The other brands of food Zebra was on, were high in grains, cereals and vegetables. Things a cat shouldn’t have. Ziwipeak also adds Taurine to their cat range, which I believe (after research) is needed in a cats diet. So going from a grain and cereal diet to a meat diet is why Zebra has change so drastically.

So that is my experience with Ziwipeak. It has been a long one. From first feeding it to Kaya 3 years ago as a topper, to feeding it to all my pets as their main meals. They all get the proper nutrition, with fully balanced meals. Their coat, condition and energy levels show all the benefits of being on Ziwipeak. I am happy I made the change.

I thought I should add the pros and cons I’ve come across while feeding Ziwipeak. So here they are!


  • Small poop (And Kaya no longer eats her poop)
  • Amazing and healthy coat
  • Great energy levels (especially in Zebra!)
  • It has small scoop sizes (you don’t have to feed much as it’s full of nutrition).
  • Limited ingredient list (you only have the good, and it is perfect if your pet has allergies to certain protiens/meats)
  • Convenient – just scoop away!
  • High meat content (96% meat, bone and organs)
  • It’s grainfree and doesn’t contain fillers
  • It’s sourced from local farms (New Zealand) and are grass fed meats
  • Gently air dried
  • Whole prey recipes (to mirror a natural diet)


  • It’s expensive
  • Smells? (The smell doesn’t bother my but I know it bothers my sister).

That’s the pros and cons I could think of! As you can tell, the pros out ways the cons. Yes, it is expensive but you do feed smaller meals. And if you can’t afford to feed it, you can use it as a topper like I did. I also used afterpay to make it more affordable. But all I can say, switching to Ziwipeak is the best decision I have made.