I started Kayatheshepherd after my dog Kaya. I first created an Instagram to show photos of her and not spam my family with all her photos, and it blew up like crazy! (She has almost 80k followers). I have always wanted to start a blog but never have gotten around to making one until now! This website, and blog will be dedicated to showing our experiences, life, training and about the dogs in general. You will also get to see more behind the scenes and who we are.



I’m Ashleigh, the one behind it all. I was born and raised in New Zealand. I have always loved animals, I remember always asking my mum for my very own parrot (I was obsessed with birds as a child). But we couldn’t afford one, so instead I had a budgie. I took responsibility of feeding and looking after him. Sadly he passed away. We always had dogs when I was younger but after moving to the north island of New Zealand, that changed. We were renting and we weren’t allowed a dog. After years had past, we finally had our own house. And not too long after that, Kaya was in my life.

Kaya and I (Ashleigh)


Kaya is a White Swiss Shepherd. She is 4 years old. I got her from a lovely and amazing kennel called Orchard Grove Shepherds (Regalwhite Swiss Shepherds). Kaya is actually the first animal we have gotten from a breeder, our animals beforehand were adopted. It was a new experience for us all. Kaya was actually the most easy puppy to raise, everything was just a breeze. She has taught me so much over the years, and I cannot thank her enough for it. I’ve learned so much about dogs from her.

Kaya at 8 weeks old

Kaya at 8 weeks old







Mika is a Finnish Spitz who is almost 2 years old. She is from a kennel called Triscole Kennels. Mika is a show quality dog who has been shown a few times. She was actually a lot more difficult puppy than Kaya. She was crazy, full of energy and sassy. It took some time, but she has now settled down and is an amazing girl. However, she does have reactivity towards other dogs due to being bit and attacked on different occasions, by different dogs. This has caused her to not trust dogs she doesn’t know.

Mika at 8 weeks old

Mika at 18months old